Our Events

Tech Conferences

We bring international speakers locally to deliver high quality technical content to those interested.

Local meetups

One or two evening presentations delivered by local speakers willing to share their knowledge.

Public workshops

Public workshops for those interested in learning or perfecting a new skill

Private workshops

Private workshops organized by companies willing to bring a team up to speed with a new technology.

Past workshops

Docker workshop

This workshop is an introduction in the world of Docker containers. It provides an overview about what exactly is Docker and how can it benefit both developers looking to build applications quickly and IT team looking to manage the IT environment.

Angular workshop

Dive in the core concepts of Angular 2 and the new modern approach to build component based user interfaces. The Angular 2 framework is one of the best choices for building next generation web applications both small and large at scale.

Don’t be shy!

Drop us a line at [email protected] if you are:

  • a developer with an interesting technology to showcase
  • a company willing to host one of our events
  • a company willing to have a private workshop