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SOLID Design Principles applied in Java

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2016-02-25 19:00 - 21:00
Address: Hermes Business Campus, București 077190, Romania


Ionut Bilica Senior Software Developer @ Luxoft Romania.

During this talk we will discuss about the SOLID Principles described by Robert C. Martin, applying them in the Java programming language. Each principle will be explained in detail, with practical Java examples.

We will assess how these principles make it easy to develop the software for the entire duration of the project, and how some problems can appear if these principles are not applied. We will present common code fragments that do not respect these principles, and we’ll see how we can correct them. Taking the SOLID principles into consideration, we will also analyse a real Java project using a Static Code Analyzer tool (e.g. STAN).

Finally, we will discuss the strategies on how to apply these design principles in “greenfield” projects, as well as “legacy” projects, while offering some tips and tricks.