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“Java + Docker ^ Kubernetes” and “Microservices Evolution”

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2016-10-18 19:00 - 21:00
Address: Anchor Plaza, București 061344, Romania

On Tuesday, October 18th, the Bucharest JUG welcomes two very special guests: Edson Yanaga and Burr Sutter. They are both Java Champions and they will be talking to us about deploying and scaling Java apps with Docker and Kubernetes, and about how to split your monolithic database. More details about our speakers and their talks below:

Java + Docker ^ Kubernetes
Speaker: Burr Sutter

Microservices can be relatively easy to code, deploy and manage assuming you have made key investments into automation, infrastructure and CI/CD.   In this session, we will demonstrate how to put wrap your Java app in a Docker Linux container and then scale it out using Kubernetes.  We will then explore how to automate your Docker-based Java workload, pushed through a continuous delivery pipeline using OpenShift’s integrated Jenkins on top of Kubernetes.

Microservices Evolution: How to break your monolithic database
Speaker: Edson Yanaga

Microservices are the current “big thing” and most of the current technologies seems to be a fit for greenfield projects. Unfortunately the great majority of developers can’t build something from scratch and have a big legacy database with multiple relationships. The code usually is the easy part. The question that every enterprise developer asks is: what about my database?

Come to this session to learn the required database refactorings, architecture and deployment strategies that will enable you to split your big monolithic database into Microservices. And downtime is not an option! We’ll show how we need to encompass code, architecture, DevOps and infrastructure altogether to accomplish this awesome evolution of your application with your database.

Edson YanagaRed Hat’s Director of Developer Experience, is a Java Champion and a Microsoft MVP. He is also a published author and a frequent speaker at international conferences, discussing Java, Microservices, Cloud Computing, DevOps, and Software Craftsmanship.

Burr Sutter is responsible for Red Hat’s developer experience. Burr is currently an Oracle Java Champion, and was previously president of the Atlanta Java Users Group and founder of the DevNexus conference. Burr has spoken at numerous developer events from Bangalore to Brussels and from Berlin to Beijing, covering most parts in-between.