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Our Story

Our community started back in 2012 as an initiative of Andrei Savu, Ioan Eugen Stan and Mihai Soloi as Bucharest Java User Group. We grew up steadly and reached about 500 members by end of 2014. We managed to have one meetup per month and to share valuable knowdlege between our members. In 2015 we wanted to extend the scope of our meetups and touch more technical subjects so we created an umbrella project – Incremental Community where we can expand even more Bucharest Java User Group but also develop other communities such as DevOps, Cloud Computing, Web and Mobile, Docker, Angular, Data Science, etc.


2k community members milestone

30 Jan 2017


Bucharest IoT Meetup

We have seen a interest towards IoT in our community and so Bucharest IoT Meetup was born.14 Mar 2016


Voxxed Days Bucharest 2016

Since begining of our community we wanted to create a dev conference with highly technical content. We managed to make it happen on 11 March 2016.11 Mar 2016


1k community members milestone

At the end of 2015 we reached the 1000 members milestone.Dec 2015


Incremental Community

We wanted to grow even further so we created Incremental Community, a community of technology passionate people. Sep 2015


Bucharest Java User Group Meetup

Since 2012 we organized our meetups through our mailing list but we wanted to have more visibility and use a more fit tool for meetups so Bucharest Java User Group Meetup was born.5 Mar 2015


Bucharest DevOps Meetup

At the end of 2014 we wanted to expand our technology stack area to new technologies and our DevOps meetup started12 Dec 2014


500 community members milestone

We keept the peace of one meetup per month and our community grew and reached 500 members milestoneMay 2014


Bucharest Java User Group

Bucharest Java User group started as a series of gatherings where developers shared new stuff they learned then moved to pubs for a beer or two.May 2012