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Incremental Community

Our mission is to help people start their technology career and to help those already in to advance and grow their skills and knowdlege.

To do this we bring together people passionate about technology and let them share their experiences. If you are interested in cutting edge technologies, join us and stay up to date with latest news.

Our Conferences

Voxxed Days Bucharest
Voxxed Days Cluj Napoca

Our Communities

Java Community

Java User Group

A community of passionate developers using JVM (Java Virtual Machine) related technologies.

Devops Community

Devops Community

A community of passionate developers who belive in Devops principles.

Iot Community

IOT Community

A community passionate about IoT.

Internet and Cloud Community

Internet and Cloud Community

A community passionate about cloud and internet

Data Science Community

Join us if you work with data. Big data, machine learning, statistics and all forms of data science.

Docker Community

Want to learn more about docker? Join our community and stay up to date with all relevant changes in docker ecosystem

Web and Mobile Community

A community passionate about web and Mobile development.

Angular Js Community

Join us if you like Angular framework or if you want to ase you frontend development experience

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Discuss in real time with other people likeminded in one of our community channels

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Our events

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  • The challenge of understanding large applications
    19:00 -22:00

    BOB Tower, Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu 6A, București 077190, Romania

    BOB Tower, Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu 6A, București 077190, Romania


    Speaker: This presentation will be given by Yoann Buch, one of the developers behind Flow. It is addressed to Java developers but also more generally to whoever wants to better understand their applications.

    Abstract: Not matter what you need to do, debugging, refactoring, migrating or extending an application, you first need to understand how it works. And it’s not a small feat, especially if the application is large and aging, the documentation is not up-to-date, and the experts have long gone. To tackle this challenge, we as developers use well-known techniques and tools: reading source code, adding print/log statements, debuggers, profilers, etc. Unfortunately they’re not efficient enough when used on large applications. In this presentation we will see why understanding is so important, what we want to understand, and how we currently understand (strengths and weaknesses of existing techniques/tools). We will also see how we could go beyond by showcasing Flow ( a tool that helps developers better understand the structure and behavior of their Java applications by allowing them to visually explore recorded executions.

  • Hands on IoT Workshop with Microsoft Azure
    All day

    Strada Nicolae Filipescu 43, București 030167, Romania

    Strada Nicolae Filipescu 43, București 030167, Romania

    IoT community


    Speaker: Radu Matei, Technical Evangelist @Microsoft

    This hands-on workshop is an introduction to IoT projects using the Microsoft Azure platform and will focus on integrating various solutions running Windows or Linux with the Azure Cloud services using C#, Python or C applications.

    All communication during the workshop will be made through the Incremental Community Slack Team (click to request an invite), in the #iot channel.

    The sessions will focus on getting Raspberry Pi 3 (with both Raspbian and Windows 10 IoT Core) sensor data and sending device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device messages and commands.

    We will provide Raspberry Pi 3 boards with microSD cards and SenseHAT sensor shields for the duration of the event (on a first come first served basis) and will provide Azure Passes in order to use Azure Cloud Services.

    If you have your own Raspberry Pi board (or other boards such as Intel Edison) and sensor shields such as Grove Pi or SenseHAT, feel free to bring them.

    Session 1 – Getting your development environment ready
    We will try to provide two tracks for the workshop for participants to choose form:
    – Windows 10 + Visual Studio + C# + Windows 10 IoT Core on the Raspberry Pi 3- Mac/Ubuntu + Python/C + Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi 3
    Please note that if your environment of choice is Windows 10 IoT Core, the installation of Visual Studio can be time consuming and is recommended that you do this step prior to the workshop.
    Session 2 – Getting started with Azure and deploying Azure IoT Hub
    In this session we will get familiar with the Azure portal and what services are offered and we will deploy an Azure IoT Hub. We will also get started with the Azure Command Line and we will register the Raspberry Pi with our Hub.

    Session 3 – Sending Device-to-Cloud messages
    In this session we will send the data from our Raspberry to the IoT Hub.

    Session 4 – Sending Cloud-to-Device messages
    In this session we will send messages and commands from the Cloud (through IoT Hub) to our Raspberry Pi.

    Session 5 – Sending data to Azure Stream Analytics
    We will take a look at Azure Stream Analytics and we will send data from IoT Hub –> Stream Analytics –> SQL database, Message Bus, Azure Storage and other services.
    Session 6 – Demo of bots and mobile applications that send messages and commands to the Raspberry Pi.

    All technical content will be found here – Technical Content on GitHub


Intro to the Spock testing framework && Co/contravariance

Join us for a new meeting of the Bucharest Java User Group. Two speakers, both of them software developers, will share with you some insights into some interesting technical topics. For more details, read on. Intro to the Spock testing framework, a live coding session...

Automating with Ansible: simply simple – 2016-11-03

Speaker: Orlando Alexandrescu ** **Abstract: IT Automation can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. The agent-less Ansible provides a simple way of doing provisioning, configuration management, app deployment, all with a short learning curve Bio: Orlando Alexandrescu...

Docker 101 – Workshop

Welcome to the second workshop of the free Docker 101 Workshop Meetups! This is going to be a 5h+ Workshop, so be prepared! This workshop is an introduction in the world of Docker containers. It provides an overview about what exactly is Docker and how can it benefit...

Bucharest JUG featured in the Java Magazine

We're honored to be featured in the July/August 2016 issue of the Java Magazine. Get your copy now and flip to page 70! The full text of the article is reproduced below. Bucharest, Romania, is a regional leader in software development. The Bucharest Java User Group...