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Joint Webinar with Bucharest Software Craftmanship Community:

Title: Refactoring with Eclipse & IntelliJ

Speaker: Victor Rentea

Description: Yes, it’s during working hours! If you can make time for it in your schedule by reorganizing your program a bit, we will welcome you warmly!

Do you have to refactor a large codebase but manual CUT-PASTE doesn’t seem enough? Having to manually edit so much code seems to distract your attention from the overall design and what you were trying to achieve?

Writing code has a lot in common with driving, martial arts and dancing. They all rely on developing a form of ‘muscle memory’ to handle the basic tasks (like steering, maintaining the stance, or following the music) in order to let you focus on the things that matter most: other cars, your opponent, or your partner. But we all know it takes time and steady practice to build these reflexes.

Let’s work-out together the reflexes you need for refactoring code effectively. Let’s explore together the refactoring support offered by Eclipse and IntelliJ.

Before the session each participant will be asked to clone a project containing some ugly legacy code from a git repo and import it in his Eclipse OR IntelliJ. (only these two IDEs will be discussed)

During the screen-sharing webinar, Victor will apply a series of refactoring+navigation operations using Eclipse, then (alt-tab) IntelliJ.

For each refactoring operation, we will:
– perform it first using the mouse, then undo
– then with key shortcuts, then undo
– 2 more times with keys, then undo.
– discuss some use-cases

The refactoring operations will include:
– rename
– extract method/variable/interface
– inline
– pull-up/down
– encapsulate
– block selection
– multi-cursor (IntelliJ)
– move lines
– many others!
* Basically all the refactoring actions that Victor uses regularly, or he saw that are widely used by hundreds of his past trainees.

All the participants will repeat themselves each refactoring operation, until it feels as familiar as a Mortal Kombat special hit 🙂 Unlike other live-coding sessions, Victor will SLOW DOWN his typing speed, so everyone can follow, even if one is not native to that IDE. Thus, you could use this meeting to help you switch the IDE you are using.

– the participants should use a SINGLE IDE. Only Victor will alt-tab between the two performing the same steps in both Eclipse and IntelliJ, so users of both IDEs can benefit.
– the git URL will be send via email a day in advance;
– the remote connection details will be emailed to the enrolled participants 30 mins in advance.

We will speak in Romanian but write in Java. However, virtually ANY developers using a flavor of Eclipse or IDEA(PhpStorm, WebStorm, ..) are welcome to join. However, we will write Java (probably one of the most known languages in the world).

**About the Speaker**
Victor is an independent technical trainer based in Bucharest, well-known for the passion he puts in every minute of his classes. His training experience is impressive: Victor trained over 1000 developers via in-house training sessions delivered at 20 companies in Romania and aboard.

After 15 years of career, Victor is now Lead Architect at IBM, where he practices eXtreme Programming techniques like Pair Programming, Continuous Refactoring and TDD. He is a native Java speaker, but also teaches in PHP, Scala, JS and C#. Victor founded in 2018 this community, where he regularly runs free online events for the Romanian developers. He is also very active on LinkedIn and Twitter (@victorrentea) where he posts daily thoughts about clean code, ethics, professionalism, and more.

After giving a long series of talks, Victor is now regularly invited to speak at top IT conferences in Europe. You can find more about him, watch talks, articles and free training sessions on