We’re honored to be featured in the July/August 2016 issue of the Java Magazine. Get your copy now and flip to page 70!

The full text of the article is reproduced below.

Bucharest, Romania, is a regional leader in software development. The Bucharest Java User Group was formed to create a strong community for all the developers in Bucharest who are using Java- and JVM-based programming

The first meeting took place in May 2012 with approximately 25 participants. The Java user group (JUG) is now led by Alex Proca and Alin Pandichi and has more than 600 registered members. It organizes monthly meetings with one or two presentations, starting around 7 p.m.; later on, it moves to a pub for drinks. Occasionally, it hosts hands-on labs such as the recent workshops on the MVC 1.0 (JSR 371) Java EE specification and on JavaFX. Around 50 participants usually attend the talks, and 10 attend the workshops.

The speakers are often selected from the local pool of talented Java developers—for instance, Eugen Paraschiv (also known as Baeldung), whose tutorials and reviews have garnered a sizable following. From time to time, the JUG hosts international speakers such as Java Champion Axel Fontaine, who gave a presentation about immutable infrastructure.

Local interest in Java, catalyzed by the JUG, led to a Java conference, Voxxed Days Bucharest, which was first held in March 2016. The organizers are already looking forward to next year’s event.